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FLX | Board | 1x24x60"

FLX | Board | 1x24x60"


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Product Code: FLX_1.0X24X60

HYTAC® FLX | pink - Copolymer Syntactic Foam

Material Type: Board
1" x 24" x 26"

HYTAC® FLX raises the bar on easily polished syntactic plug assist materials. This copolymer syntactic exhibits superb machinability plus excellent toughness and durability in use. FLX provides superior material distribution often leading to increased throughput for thermoformers.

With more than 4 times the elongation to break, HYTAC FLX will withstand the most rigorous plug environment without the brittle failure often encountered in epoxy syntactics.

Along with durability, HYTAC® FLX also offers the benefit of a surface finish optimized for use in transparent applications. The material is easy to polish and results in minimal to no scratches with transparent PP. It is also widely used with APET, PETG, CPET, PET, HIPS and PLA.