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Modeling Board

Polyurethane Board for Tools and Molds
CMT provides a complete line of tooling, styling and modeling boards for every design need. We offer products such as: CTB-44, MB-0670, MB-0720, WB-0801, and WB-1223. Click here to contact Sales for pricing.

While tool board materials perform a critical role in the thermoforming market, selection of the correct tool board can be difficult. With the most common use being prototype development and short production runs, price is obviously a critical factor. But when form, fit and function are always on the line and finished part appearance (particularly for optical clarity) provides the critical first impression, what is the best way to balance price vs performance?

Along with the high-performance copolymer syntactic foam tool board material (CTB-44) produced by CMT, we have also scoured the globe and are pleased to provide a selection of low cost, polyurethane board materials our customers report as highly effective for their prototyping/short run needs.
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