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FLXT | Rod | 7x24"

FLXT | Rod | 7x24"


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Product Code: FLXT_7.0X24

HYTAC® FLXT | green - Copolymer Syntactic Foam

Material Type: Rod

Size: 7" x 24"

HYTAC® FLXT is a tough copolymer syntactic plug assist material optimized to provide an ideal balance between surface drag for material distribution, a smooth surface for excellent finish and PTFE-impregnation to eliminate part sticking. This combination has been found to be most beneficial when thermoforming multi-layer films, including those with PE inner surfaces or multi-layered EVOH materials.

As with all HYTAC® syntactic plug assists, thermoformers realize instant start up, shorter cycle times and lower plug operating temperatures. HYTAC® FLXT is easily machined with little or no dust and minimal wear on tools. The plug is easily polished for and long lasting. It is most commonly used with CPET, PET, EVOH, and LDPE sheet materials.