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B1X – Combines the toughness of an engineered thermoplastic with the low thermal conductivity of syntactic foam. Machines up to 3x faster than other syntactic foam materials and provides optimal material distribution for nearly all plastics.


XTL – The toughest syntactic foam plug material manufactured. Excellent for thin rib/fine details. Machines as quickly as B1X and is more easily polished for use in high clarity applications.



FLX – Specifically blended to minimize chilling of the sheet, optimize plug/sheet interaction and provide uniform material distribution in a toughened plug. Suitable for a wide range of polymers. Rapid machining and easy polishing.


FLXT – The best choice for forming multilayer or barrier film materials. Combines the properties of FLX with PTFE impregnation to minimize the chance of sheet stick or scratch. Polishes to a mirror-like surface


C1R – Formulated with friction enhancers and tougheners for deep draw or challenging geometry applications. Polishes to a mirror-like surface to further enhance friction.


HTF – High temperature, high friction, high toughness, easily machined and polished to ensure high performance in demanding applications.



W – Basic formulation having good forming characteristics but the most fragile and dusty of the Thermoset plug materials. Suitable for short run and cost critical applications.


WF – Basic formulation having higher temperature resistance, higher strength and reduced surface roughness. Suitable upgrade in clarity and abuse resistance versus W.


WFT – Formulation adding lower friction, improved release and smoothest surface to the performance of WF in the Thermoset Family.